Grants access to the proctoring functionalities using LTI

v10.6.1 2023-08-10 15:46 UTC



The LTI Proctoring extension makes the proctoring interface available via LTI

The endpoint for this service to proctor a specific delivery is: https://YOUR_DOMAIN/ltiProctoring/ProctoringTool/launch?delivery=YOUR_DELIVERY_URI


https://YOUR_DOMAIN/ltiProctoring/ProctoringTool/launch/{"delivery":"YOUR_URI"}(base64 encoded)

This can be auto-generated for the test taker experience using the LTI button in the deliveries section in the TAO admin user-interface. If using this method you will have to manually update the path to target proctoring.

Alternatively all deliveries can be proctored by omitting the delivery parameter https://YOUR_DOMAIN/ltiProctoring/ProctoringTool/launch

The expected role of the proctor is: urn:lti:role:ims/lis/TeachingAssistant