O2System PSR it's build based on PHP Framework Interop Group (PHP-FIG) standards recommendations. This repository contains a collection of PHP interfaces based on the PSR-0 until the PSR-7.

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O2System Framework

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O2System PHP Standards Recommendations (PSR)

O2System PSR was build based on PHP Framework Interop Group (PHP-FIG) standards recommendations and it is edited and added by some standards recommendations for O2System PHP Framework. This repository contains a collection of PHP classes, abstract classes and interfaces classes based on the PSR-3, PSR-4, PSR-6 and PSR-7.

Based Title  
PSR-3 Logger Interface http://www.php-fig.org/psr/psr-3/
PSR-4 Autoloading Standard http://www.php-fig.org/psr/psr-4/
PSR-6 Caching Interface http://www.php-fig.org/psr/psr-6/
PSR-7 HTTP Message Interface http://www.php-fig.org/psr/psr-7/
PSR-11 Container Interface http://www.php-fig.org/psr/psr-11/
PSR-15 HTTP Server Request Handlers http://www.php-fig.org/psr/psr-15/
PSR-16 Common Interface for Caching Libraries http://www.php-fig.org/psr/psr-16/

PHP Pattern Classes

  • Parent-Child Pattern Class
  • Data Storage Pattern Class
  • Factory-Prototype Pattern Class
  • Handler Pattern Class
  • Item Storage Pattern Class
  • Object Container Pattern Class
  • Object Registry Pattern Class
  • Observer Pattern Class
  • Singleton Pattern Class
  • Subject Pattern Class
  • Variable Storage Pattern Class

Composer Installation

The best way to install O2System Psr is to use Composer

composer require o2system/psr

Packagist: https://packagist.org/packages/o2system/psr


Documentation is available on this repository wiki or visit this repository github page.

Ideas and Suggestions

Please kindly mail us at o2system.framework@gmail.com

Bugs and Issues

Please kindly submit your issues at Github so we can track all the issues along development and send a pull request to this repository.

System Requirements