Replaces special characters in filenames right after upload

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v2.1.4 2021-10-19 06:40 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-19 08:00:47 UTC



Sanitizes the filenames of files uploaded via the Contao File manager. Read more

System requirements

Installation & Configuration

  • Install via Contao Manager or Composer (composer require numero2/contao-proper-filenames)
  • In the Backend go to System Settings and click Check filenames under Upload settings
    • Configure how the filenames should be renamed by choosing an option from Valid filename characters
    • 💥 New in v.2.1.0: You can define a list of file extensions that will not be renamed automatically
    • 💥 New in v.2.1.0: While editing a folder in the File manager you can now choose to not rename files and folders located in a specific folder