Most basic ERP system for Isotope eCommerce

1.0.4 2022-04-02 10:49 UTC

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Most basic ERP system for Isotope eCommerce.

When bought, the products "availability" counter gets decreased. If configured, products will be automatically suppressed once no quantity is available.

If a product has a limited quantity configured the users won't be able to put more in their cart as there is in total.

There is a simple message in backend which lets you know how many products are currently unavailable.

System requirements

Installation & Configuration

  • Create a folder named isotope_simple_erp in system/modules
  • Clone this repository into the new folder
  • Run a database update via the Installtool
  • Make sure to activate Quantity available and Suppress on zero? in your product type

Additional step for Contao 4.X: Open app/AppKernel.php and add the following line to the $bundles array

new Contao\CoreBundle\HttpKernel\Bundle\ContaoModuleBundle('isotope_simple_erp', $this->getRootDir())