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Module for administration


The preferred way to install this extension to use composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist nullref/yii2-core "*"

or add

"nullref/yii2-core": "*"

to the require section of your composer.json file.

Config structure

This module designed to work with special config file.

In case when you use module/install command it creates installed_modules.php file in condif folder if it doesn't exist.

This file will contain config array of installed modules (obviously).

You need to merge this config with your applications config (web, console, etc).

I recommend using the structure that described below, it used at our application template.

  • installed_modules.php
<?php return [];
  • modules.php
$config = require(__DIR__ . '/installed_modules.php');
return array_merge($config, []);
  • web.php
$modules = require(__DIR__ . '/modules.php');
$config = [
    'modules' => $modules,
return $config;

When you are using this config structure you are able to override installed modules cofiguration in modules.php.

Also, modules.php file could be included to console.php config file.

App-specific configs could be added directly in corresponding config file.

Modules system

This module provides basic tools for creating system of modules.

Available modules:

For full integration, you have to run console command:

php yii module/install <module-name>


Core module for fast web development based on Yii2. This package contains:

  • components:

    • EntityManager - component for simple managing of entities (models)
  • interfaces:

    • IAdminModule - interface for modules which can be used by nullref\yii2-admin
    • IRoleContainer - interface which provide roles for RBAC
    • IEntityManager - interface EntityManager
    • IEntityManageble - interface for classes which contain EntityManager

Translation overriding

Core package contain PhpMessageSource class that allows to merge default module's and application's messages. Example for admin module

 /** App config **/
 'components' => [
  'i18n' => [
      'translations' => [
          '*' => ['class' => 'yii\i18n\PhpMessageSource'],
          'admin' => ['class' => 'nullref\core\components\i18n\PhpMessageSource'],

In this case messages from category admin from application directory will be merged with default messages from module.

Modules migrations

Module contains MigrateController controller which allows work with migrations of modules.


php yii core/module --moduleId=admin -- apply migrations for module with id admin

Keep in mind: Migrations should have namespaces

Also, is possible work with migrations off all modules:

php yii core/module -- collect all possible places of migrations.

By default, migrations are looked for directory migrations in directory of module class.

If you want to override this behavior, you can implement IHasMigrateNamespace interface by module class.


Component for simple work with models, which have soft delete and typification.


/** module config **/
'productManager' => [
    "class" => "nullref\\product\\components\\EntityManager",
    'hasImage' => false,
    'hasStatus' => false,
    'model' => [
        'class' => 'app\\models\\Product',
        'relations' => [
            'category' => 'nullref\\category\\behaviors\\HasCategory',
            'vendor' => 'app\\behaviors\\HasVendor',
    'searchModel' => 'app\\models\\ProductSearch',
/** ... **/

Available methods:

  • createModel() - create new model
  • createSearchModel() - create new search model
  • findOne($condition) - find one model by condition
  • findAll($condition) - find all models by condition
  • find($condition = []) - create ActiveQuery with condition
  • getMap($index = 'id', $value = 'title', $condition = [], $asArray = true) - get key=>value array of model by condition
  • delete($model) - delete model
  • decorateQuery($query) decorate query by settings of entity manger