A symfony/console command similar to the standard which command.

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A PHP symfony/console command similar to the standard which command.

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This script requires PHP 5.6, or newer.


This package uses composer so you can install it using composer. Composer can install the command globally using:

composer global require nubs/which-cli

This will install it to your $COMPOSER_HOME directory (typically $HOME/.composer). The which binary will be symlinked to $COMPOSER_HOME/vendor/bin/which (e.g., $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin/which).


The included which executable works much like the standard which utility. It takes an arbitrary number of parameters and outputs the path to each of them.

$ which more vim foo
foo not found

For windows users, composer will create a which.bat script in its bin directory that can be executed in much the same way as on a POSIX system. Alternatively, a which.bat script is included. You may need to add the bin directory from this repository to your PATH environment variable to be able to access the command globally.


which-cli is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for the full license text.