Provide nominated members the ability to view the submissions collected by a Silverstripe userform

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v0.2.0-rc2 2022-09-29 01:57 UTC

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Last update: 2024-03-29 04:46:17 UTC


Give nominated members the ability to view submissions collected by a userform. Useful for viewing submissions in a list or table view outside of the administration area.

Submission data

Note: take into account the data being displayed when providing members the ability to view submissions.


  1. Restrict the number of members who have the relevant permission
  2. Apply other restrictions, such as MFA for sign-in and network restrictions
  3. Limit the fields that can be displayed in the listing via the "Show in summary gridfield" form option


composer require nswdpc/silverstripe-userforms-submissions




  1. Create the page 'A page to list form submissions' in the CMS, update its content
  2. Select the Form (page) or Form (content block) that will have its submissions listed then save. UserDefinedForm and ElementForm (if installed) are supported, currently.
  3. Assign, or ask an administrator to assign, a member the permission "View userform submissions on a submission listing page"
  4. Provide the page URL to those members


  1. Fields shown will be those with "Show in summary gridfield" checked in the form configuration, plus Created (formatted).
  2. Your theme should provide its own templates/NSWDPC/UserForms/Submissions/Layout/SubmissionListingPage.ss layout template. The module provides a basic example.

Applying per-form permission

  1. Create an umbrella group with "View userform submissions on a submission listing page" permission
  2. Create one group for each form you will show
  3. Add anyone who can view form submissions to the first group
  4. Create a 'A page to list form submissions' page in the CMS
  5. On that page, choose the relevant form on the Form tab and set the "Who can view this page?" group to the group for that particular form.



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