Novactive eZ Platform Extra Bundle

v4.0.1 2022-01-21 19:04 UTC


This repository is what we call a "subtree split": a read-only copy of one directory of the main repository. It is used by Composer to allow developers to depend on specific bundles.

If you want to report or contribute, you should instead open your issue on the main repository:

Documentation is available in this repository via .md files but also packaged here:

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Step 1: Download Nova eZExtra Bundle using composer

Add the lib to your composer.json, run composer require novactive/ezextrabundle to refresh dependencies.

Step 2: Enable the bundle

Then inject the bundle in the bundles.php of your application.

    Novactive\Bundle\eZExtraBundle\NovaeZExtraBundle::class => [ 'all'=> true ],

Step 3: Add the default routes

Activate the sroutes:

    resource: "@NovaeZExtraBundle/Resources/config/routing/main.yml"

Step 4: Clear the cache and check

php app|ezpublish/console cache:clear --env=dev

Go to : /_novaezextra/dev/test


Twig Content Helper

eznova_parentcontent_by_contentinfo( content )

{% set content = eznova_parentcontent_by_contentinfo( content ) %}

Note : you get the content of the parent on the main location

eznova_location_by_content( content )

{% set contentType = eznova_location_by_content( content ) %}

eznova_relationlist_field_to_content_list( fieldValue )

{% set content = eznova_relationlist_field_to_content_list( ez_field_value( content, 'internal_links' ) ) %}

Note : return an array of direct linked contents by the relation objects FieldType


{% set content = eznova_is_rich_text_really_empty( ez_field_value( content, 'description' ) ) %}

Note : returns true if the value of RichText field is empty excluding the tags, whitespaces and line breaks, false otherwise

Twig Text Parsing Helper


{% set ctaField | ctaize %}

Note : Filter which converts the string like ezcontent://123 or ezlocation://234 to the URL of specified content or location


{% set richTextFieldValue | ezlinks %}

Note : Filter which fixes the mistakes in opening/closing div tags and converts string like ezlocation://234 to the URL of specified location


{% set stringValue | htmldecode %}

Note : Filter which applies html_entity_decode php function to the specified var

Twig Image Helper

get_image_tag(content, fieldIdentifier, variationAlias, params)

{{ get_image_tag(content, 'thumbnail', 'card_slider') }}

Generates the picture html code including images for original, retina and mobile screens specified in the image variations config like the following:

    reference: ~
        - { name: auto_rotate }
        - { name: strip }
        - { name: geometry/scaledownonly, params: [ 200,200 ] }
    reference: ~
        - { name: auto_rotate }
        - { name: strip }
        - { name: geometry/scaledownonly, params: [ 400,400 ] }
    reference: ~
        - { name: auto_rotate }
        - { name: strip }
        - { name: geometry/scaledownonly, params: [ 50,50 ] }

If the placeholder dimensions are specified with empty content and variation then the placeholder image will be displayed:

{{ get_image_tag(null, 'image', '', {placeholder: {width: 300, height: 100}}) }}

get_image_url(content, fieldIdentifier, variationAlias, params)

The same as previous but returning just an image URL instead of tag.


Returns the Content by the Image Asset field. Requires the eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\Field to be specified.

IMPORTANT: The image placeholder is enabled by default but can be disabled by setting the bool value to ENABLE_IMAGE_PLACEHOLDER env variable.

Picture Controller

{{ render( controller( "eZNovaExtraBundle:Picture:alias", { "contentId": content.getField('picture').value.destinationContentId, "fieldIdentifier": "image", "alias": "large" })) }}

Content/Location Helper

The goal was to mimic the old Fetch Content List

public function contentTree( $parentLocationId, $typeIdentifiers = [], $sortClauses = [], $limit = null, $offset = 0, $additionnalCriterion );
public function contentList( $parentLocationId, $typeIdentifiers = [], $sortClauses = [], $limit = null, $offset = 0, $additionnalCriterion );
public function nextByAttribute( $locationId, $attributeIdentifier, $locale, $additionnalCriterions = [] );
public function nextByPriority( $locationId, $aditionnalCriterions = [] )
public function previousByAttribute( $locationId, $attributeIdentifier, $locale, $additionnalCriterion = [] )
public function previousByPriority( $locationId, $additionnalCriterion = [] )
public function getSelectionTextValue($content, $identifier)

Return an array of Result


    {% for child in children %}
        <h2>{{ ez_field_value( child.content, "title" ) }}</h2>
        {{ ez_render_field( child.content, "overview" ) }}
        <a href="{{ path( "ez_urlalias", { "locationId" : child.content.contentInfo.mainLocationId } ) }}">{{ "Learn more" | trans() }}</a>
    {% endfor %}

Children Provider

Simply inject the children ( and potentially other things on a view Full )

Add your provider in a folder of your bundle

        -  { name: novactive.ezextra.children.provider, contentTypeIdentifier: YOUCONTENTIDENTIFIER }

You class YOUCONTENTIDENTIFIERPROVIDERCLASS must extend Novactive\Bundle\eZExtraBundle\EventListener\Type

After you need to create a method for each view you display if you want to get children in your template The goal is to have children on each view.


namespace Yoochoose\Bundle\GeneralBundle\ChildrenProvider;
use Novactive\Bundle\eZExtraBundle\EventListener\Type;
use eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\Query;
class PersonalizationEngine extends Type
    //its also use as default to get the full view children
    public function getChildren($viewParameters, SiteAccess $siteAccess = null)
        return $this->contentHelper->contentList( $this->location->id, [ 'article' ], array( new Query\SortClause\Location\Priority( Query::SORT_ASC ) ), 10);
    public function getLineChildren( $viewParameters )

RepositoryAware helper (trait)

    public function loadReverseRelations(ContentInfo $contentInfo, int $offset = 0, int $limit = -1): RelationList

Returns the list of reverse relations (RelationList) of the specified ContentInfo

RouterAware helper (trait)

public function generateRouteLocation(Location $location): string
public function generateRouteContent(Content $content): string
public function generateRouteWrapper(Wrapper $wrapper): string

The trait that allows to get the Route by location, content or Wrapper object.


This allows you to specify different ez views for the same content type but with different values of particular field.

IMPORTANT: By default the field name is set to matcher but can be rewritten by specifying it in the VIEW_MATCHER_FIELD_IDENTIFIER env variable.

Then for example if you set the business value to the field that is set to identify the view (matcher by default) inside the Article Content Type then another template can be defined for that using the following config:

    template: '@ezdesign/full/article_business.html.twig'
        Identifier\ContentType: [ 'article' ]
        '@Novactive\Bundle\eZExtraBundle\Core\ViewMatcher\ContentTypeField': 'business'