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Provides a common interface for notification services

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Common interface for notification services.


Either PHP 5.5+ or HHVM 3.6+ are required.

To get the latest version of NotifyMe, simply require the project using Composer:

$ composer require notifymehq/notifyme

Instead, you may of course manually update your require block and run composer update if you so choose:

    "require": {
        "notifymehq/notifyme": "^1.0"

If you want, you can require only a single adapter. This works rather like the component system of laravel or symfony. We currently have the following adapters:

  • Ballou (notifymehq/ballou)
  • Campfire (notifymehq/campfire)
  • Gitter (notifymehq/gitter)
  • Hipchat (notifymehq/hipchat)
  • Pagerduty (notifymehq/pagerduty)
  • Pushover (notifymehq/pushover)
  • Slack (notifymehq/slack)
  • Twilio (notifymehq/twilio)
  • Webhook (notifymehq/webhook)
  • Yo (notifymehq/yo)

Also, note, that our other components are:

  • Contracts (notifymehq/contracts)
  • Factory (notifymehq/factory)
  • Http (notifymehq/http)
  • Manager (notifymehq/manager)
  • Support (notifymehq/support)

Finally, we have a totally seperate Laravel bridge available for use by installing notifyme/laravel, then adding our service provider: NotifyMeHQ\Laravel\NotifyMeServiceProvider.


  • Create a factory : $factory = new NotifyMeHQ\Factory\NotifyMeFactory();
  • Make a notifier : $notifier = $factory->make($config);
  • Notify : $response = $notifier->notify($to, $message);
  • Check the response : $response->isSent();


Here is an example of a notification with Slack:


// Create a factory for notifications
$notifierFactory = new NotifyMeHQ\Factory\NotifyMeFactory();

// Create the new notification for slack
$slackNotifier = $notifierFactory->make([
  // Specify that we will use slack
  'driver' => 'slack',
  // Add api token to get access to slack API
  'token'  => '',
  // Who send this message, here is a bot called 'Super Bot'
  'from'   => 'Super Bot',

/* @var \NotifyMeHQ\Contracts\ResponseInterface $response */
$response =  $slackNotifier->notify('#sandbox', 'test message');

echo $response->isSent() ? 'Message sent' : 'Message going nowhere';


NotifyMe is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).