Create webp image on resize of jpg and png files

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This module creates webp images from resized jpeg and png images. More Information about webp images


  • Silverstripe > 4.2
  • GDLib with webp Extension


composer require nomidi/silverstripe-webp-image


  • run dev/build?flush=1

  • force Browser to load webp image // Example 1 (default) edit .htaccess in your root directory, and add webp forwarding in compatible browsers

  • force Browser to load webp image // Example 2 for information on usage of webp image in html see

Quick Testfile for checking if webp is available

Below you will find the code to quickly check if webp is available with the installed GD Library. Simply copy this code into a .php file in your root folder and open the file in a browser.


if (function_exists(imagewebp)) {
    echo "WebP is available";
} else {
    echo "WebP is not available";


  • documentation
  • IMagick Support
  • PHP test to check support
  • Delete Webp Image
  • Flush Webp Image