Simple PSR-15 middleware collection request handler.

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Lightweight & dead simple PSR-15 Server Request Handler implementation to process a collection of middlewares.

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PSR-15 request handler implementing both RequestHandlerInterface and MiddlewareInterface able to manage a collection of middlewares implementing the MiddlewareInterface.

It can be used either as a RequestHandler or as a Middleware to fit into any implementation.

Comes with a set of middleware collections using different strategy (LIFO, FIFO...) on how the middlewares from the collection are provided to the RequestHandler, and also provides a simple MiddlewareCollectionInterface to implement in a glimpse your own strategy.


  • Simplicity
  • Interoperability

Getting started


  • PHP >= 7.3


composer require noglitchyo/middleware-collection-request-handler


Create a new instance of the request handler class which can be use as a request handler or as a middleware.

From the constructor

RequestHandler::__construct(MiddlewareCollectionInterface $middlewareCollection, RequestHandlerInterface $defaultRequestHandler = null)

  • $middlewareCollection : MiddlewareCollectionInterface

    Contains the middlewares and defines the strategy used to store the middlewares and to retrieve the next middleware. Some implementations with common strategies are provided: stack (LIFO), queue (FIFO).

  • $defaultRequestHandler = null : RequestHandlerInterface

    Provides a default response implementing ResponseInterface if none of the middlewares in the collection was able to create one.

    Some examples of what could be a "default request handler":

    • with the ADR pattern, the default request handler might be your action class.*
    • with the MVC pattern, the default request handler might be the action method of your controller.
From the factory method

RequestHandler::fromCallable(callable $callable, MiddlewareCollectionInterface $middlewareCollection)

It creates a RequestHandler instance by wrapping the given callable inside an anonymous instance of RequestHandlerInterface. The callable is the $defaultRequestHandler. It MUST returns a response implementing ResponseInterface.


Below, this is how simple it is to get the middleware handler running:

use NoGlitchYo\MiddlewareCollectionRequestHandler\RequestHandler;
use NoGlitchYo\MiddlewareCollectionRequestHandler\Collection\SplStackMiddlewareCollection;
use Psr\Http\Server\MiddlewareInterface;
use Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface;
use Psr\Http\Server\RequestHandlerInterface;
use Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface;

// Instantiate a collection of middlewares with an anonymous middleware class.
// In this example, we are using a "stack" implementation of the collection.
$middlewareCollection = new SplStackMiddlewareCollection([
    new class implements MiddlewareInterface{
        public function process(ServerRequestInterface $request, RequestHandlerInterface $handler) : ResponseInterface{
            return $handler->handle($request);

// Let's add one more middleware in the collection (this time, from a callable)
$middlewareCollection->addFromCallable(function(ServerRequestInterface $request, RequestHandlerInterface $handler){
    return $handler->handle($request);

// Instantiate a new request handler with a default handler and the middleware collection.
$requestHandler = RequestHandler::fromCallable(
    function (ServerRequestInterface $serverRequest){
        return new /* instance of ResponseInterface */;

// As a RequestHandler:
// Pass the request to the request handler which will dispatch the request to the middlewares.
$response = $requestHandler->handle(/* ServerRequestInterface */); 

Create a custom MiddlewareCollectionInterface implementation

It is easy to create a new MiddlewareCollectionInterface implementation if needed. The interface requires only 3 methods:

interface MiddlewareCollectionInterface
     * Must return true if there is no middleware in the collection to process.
     * @return bool
    public function isEmpty(): bool;

     * Must return the next middleware to process in the collection.
     * Depending on the implemented strategy, the middleware MAY not be removed from the collection.
     * @return MiddlewareInterface
    public function next(): MiddlewareInterface;

     * Add a middleware instance of MiddlewareInterface to the collection.
     * @param MiddlewareInterface $middleware
     * @return MiddlewareCollectionInterface
    public function add(MiddlewareInterface $middleware): MiddlewareCollectionInterface;


Would like to the run the test suite? Go ahead:

composer test



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.