Twig extension for dumping a variable in NiceDump format

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NiceDump extension for Twig

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Twig extension to dump a variable according to the NiceDump format specification.


  • PHP >= 8.0

Install with composer

$ composer require nicedump/nicedump-twig

Basic usage

After enabling this extension, the nice_dump() function can be used in Twig templates to output a variable in NiceDump format.

The variable is only output if debug mode is enabled in Twig, otherwise nice_dump() returns just an empty string. This makes it possible to use the function both in development and production mode.

Dump a variable

{{ nice_dump(foo) }}

This may output something like this:

=====END NICE-DUMP=====

Notice that the NiceDump in enclosed in an HTML comment.

Dump a variable with a name

{{ nice_dump(foo, 'Foo') }}

Dump a variable with a name and a comment

{{ nice_dump(foo, 'Foo', 'This is my Foo') }}

Enable output in release mode

Caution: This may unintentionally reveal secret data on a production server. Use with care!

Enable nice_dump() to output a NiceDump, even when Twig is in non-debug mode:

use NiceDumpTwig\NiceDumpTwigExtension;

$extension = new NiceDumpTwigExtension();