🛠 Nette Utils: lightweight utilities for string & array manipulation, image handling, safe JSON encoding/decoding, validation, slug or strong password generating etc.

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Nette Utils

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In package nette/utils you will find a set of useful classes for everyday use:

Callback - PHP callbacks
Filesystem - copying, renaming, …
Finder - finds files and directories
Floats - floating point numbers
Helper Functions
HTML elements - generate HTML
Images - crop, resize, rotate images
JSON - encoding and decoding
Generating Random Strings
Paginator - pagination math
PHP Reflection
Strings - useful text functions
SmartObject - PHP object enhancements
Validation - validate inputs
Type - PHP data type



The recommended way to install is via Composer:

composer require nette/utils

Nette Utils 4.0 is compatible with PHP 8.0 to 8.4.


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