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2.0.0 2017-02-26 20:57 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-16 20:34:47 UTC


PHP Psr And Log4Php Adapter Component

This component provides adapters for using Psr Logger in Log4Php Environment and vice versa.

The main idea is to easy up usage and/or migration of existing Log4Php application with/into Psr loggers.

The build status of the current master branch is tracked by Travis CI: Build Status Latest stable

The scrutinizer status are: code quality | build status

@todo The versioneye status is: Dependency Status

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  • Log4Php to Psr Logger Bridge
  • Psr Logger to Log4PhP Bridge


Use a psr-logger in a Log4Php

$adapter = new \Net\Bazzline\Component\PsrAndLog4PhpAdapter\Log4PhpToPsrAdapter('your name');
$adapter->debug('my debug log');

Use a Log4Php in a psr-logger

$adapter = new \Net\Bazzline\Component\PsrAndLog4PhpAdapter\PsrToLog4PhpAdapter($log4PhpInstance);
$adapter->debug('my debug log');



mkdir vendor/net_bazzline/php_component_psr_and_log4php_adapter
cd vendor/net_bazzline/php_component_psr_and_log4php_adapter
git clone .


require: "net_bazzline/component_psr_and_log4php_adapter": "dev-master"


  • throwable are currently ignored in Log4PhpToPsrAdapter::log()
  • context is currently ignored in PsrToLog4PhpAdapter::log()


This software is licenced under GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. The full licence text is shipped within this component package.

Version History

  • upcoming
    • @todo
      • add versioneye dependecy status
      • add link to openhub
      • fixed typos in the readme
      • implement conversion of throwable into something in Log4PhpToPsrAdapter::log()
      • implement conversion of context into something in PsrToLog4PhpAdapter
    • added travis build status
    • added scrutinizer build status
  • 2.0.0
    • added example
    • added version boundary to psr log and log4php
    • covered code with unit tests
    • moved injected logger from protected to private
    • moved to psr-4 autoloading
    • refactored loggers and the way how to inject the logger you want to bridge
    • removed Log4PhpLoggerInterface since this simple complicates stuff
  • 1.0.0
    • Log4Php Logger Interface
    • Log4Php to Psr Logger Bridge
    • Psr Logger to Log4PhP Bridge