Simple queues implementation in PHP through database.

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PHP Simple Queue

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PHP Simple Queue - a library for running tasks asynchronously via queues. It is production ready, battle-tested a simple messaging solution for PHP.

It supports queues based on DB.


You'll need at least PHP 7.4 (it works best with PHP 8).


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer:

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist nepster-web/php-simple-queue

or add

"nepster-web/php-simple-queue": "*"

💻 Basic Usage

Create transport (see more information):

$transport = new \Simple\Queue\Transport\DoctrineDbalTransport($connection);

Send a new message to queue (producing)

$config = \Simple\Queue\Config::getDefault()
    ->registerProcessor('my_queue', static function(\Simple\Queue\Context $context): string {
        // Your message handling logic
        return \Simple\Queue\Consumer::STATUS_ACK;
$producer = new \Simple\Queue\Producer($transport, $config);

$message = $producer->createMessage('my_queue', ['key' => 'value']);


Job dispatching (producing)

$config = \Simple\Queue\Config::getDefault()
    ->registerJob(MyJob::class, new MyJob());

$producer = new \Simple\Queue\Producer($transport, $config);

$producer->dispatch(MyJob::class, ['key' => 'value']);

Processing messages from queue (consuming)

$producer = new \Simple\Queue\Producer($transport, $config);
$consumer = new \Simple\Queue\Consumer($transport, $producer, $config);


For more details see the example code and read the guide.


To run the tests locally, in the root directory execute below


or you can run tests in a docker container

cd .docker
make build
make start 
make composer cmd='test'

📖 Documentation

See the official guide.

📚 Resources

📰 Changelog

Detailed changes for each release are documented in the

🔒 License

See the MIT License file for license rights and limitations (MIT).