Extracts meta data from files into a neos/metadata data structure

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Neos.MetaData.Extractor Package

This package handles extraction of meta data from assets.


Install using composer:

composer require neos/metadata-extractor

Some related packages are:


The package requires the exif PHP extension and uses the iptcparse() function (which is available in PHP by default.)


This package provides realtime meta data extraction. This can be switched off, if needed, using:

        enabled: false


The package extracts IPTC and EXIF meta data from assets using a CLI command:

./flow metadata:extract

When creating assets, the extraction is run as well (unless realtime extraction is disabled.)

The exact effect of the extraction depends on the implementation. If only this package is installed and no further functionality has been implemented, the data supported by the AssetModelMetaDataMapper from Neos.MetaData is stored in Asset models.

In other words: You will get title, caption and copyright notice extracted and stored out of the box.

For developers, the package provides the ExtractorInterface. Using isSuitableFor() the implementing classes decide if they will be used for a specific resource. The AbstractExtractor implements a check by media type. Just extend and set $compatibleMediaTypes to the possible media type range(s). Returned DTOs are added to a collection and forwarded to the central MetaDataManger of the Neos.MetaData package.


The ExtractionManager itself generates the Asset DTO for every valid asset.

ExifExtractor (EXIF)

Supported Media Types

  • image/jpeg
  • image/tiff
  • video/jpeg

Generated DTOs

  • EXIF

IptcIimExtractor (IPTC IIM)

Supported Media Types

  • application/octet-stream
  • application/x-shockwave-flash
  • image/bmp
  • image/gif
  • image/iff
  • image/jp2
  • image/jpeg
  • image/png
  • image/psd
  • image/tiff
  • image/
  • image/vnd.wap.wbmp
  • image/xbm

Generated DTOs

  • IPTC