Session service for Slim 4 and similar PSR-15 compliant frameworks and apps.

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Session service for Slim 4 and similar PSR-15 compliant frameworks and apps.

Table of Contents


  • PHP >= 7.3


You have 2 options to install this library.

Via composer...

composer require neoflow/session

...or manually download the latest release from here.


The following instructions based on Slim 4, in combination with PHP-DI, but should be adaptable for any PSR-11/PSR-15 compliant frameworks and libraries.

Add the service Neoflow\Session\Session and middleware Neoflow\Session\Middleware\SessionMiddleware to the container definitions...

use Neoflow\Session\Session;
use Neoflow\Session\SessionInterface;
use Neoflow\Session\Middleware\SessionMiddleware;
use Psr\Container\ContainerInterface;

return [
    // ...
    SessionInterface::class => function () {
        return new Session([ // Default session options
            'name' => 'sid',
            'autoRefresh' => true,
            'cookie' => [
                'lifetime' => 3600,
                'path' => '/',
                'domain' => null,
                'secure' => false,
                'httponly' => true,
                'samesite' => 'Lax'
            'iniSettings' => []
    SessionMiddleware::class => function (ContainerInterface $container) {
        $session = $container->get(SessionInterface::class);
        return new SessionMiddleware($session);
    // ...

...and register the middleware, to autostart the session when it got dispatched.

use Neoflow\Session\Middleware\SessionMiddleware;


The service Neoflow\Session\Session supports the following options:

Key Type Description Default
name string Name of the session cookie. "sid"
autoRefresh bool Refresh of session lifetime after each request. true
cookie['lifetime'] int Lifetime in seconds of the session cookie in seconds 3600
cookie['path'] string Path to set in the session cookie "/"
cookie['domain'] string/null Domain to set in the session cookie null
cookie['secure'] bool Set true to sent session cookie only over secure connections false
cookie['httponly'] bool Set false to make session cookie accessible for scripting languages true
cookie['samesite'] string Set "Strict" to prevent the session cookie be sent along with cross-site requests "Lax"
iniSettings[] array PHP session settings, without session. []

When your DI container supports inflectors (e.g. league/container), you can optionally register Neoflow/Session/SessionAwareInterface as inflector to your container definition.

Additionally, you can also use Neoflow/Session/SessionAwareTrait as a shorthand implementation of Neoflow/Session/SessionAwareInterface.


Examples how to handle the session:

// Set session name.
$name = 'sid'; // Session name
$session = $session->setName($name);

// Set session cookie.
$session = $session->setCookie([
    // Cookie options

// Start session.
$started = $session->start();

// Get session status.
$status = $session->getStatus();

// Check whether session is started.
$isStarted = $session->isStarted();

// Generate new session id.
$id = $session->generateId();

// Get session cookie.
$cookie = $session->getCookie();

// Get session id.
$id = $session->getId();

// Get session name.
$name = $session->getName();

// Destroy session.
$destroyed = $session->destroy();

Examples how to access and manage the values of the session:

// Get session value by key.
$default = null; // Default value, when key doesn't exists
$value = $session->getValue('key', $default);

// Set session value by key.
$overwrite = true; // Set FALSE to prevent overwrite existing value
$session = $session->setValue('key', 'value', $overwrite);

// Check whether session value exists by key.
$valueExists = $session->hasValue('key');
// Delete session value by key.

// Count number of session values.
$numberOfValues = $session->countValues();

// Get session values.
$values = $session->getValues();

// Clear session values.
$session = $session->clearValues();

// Replace session values by key. Existing values with similar keys will be overwritten.
$recursive = true; // Set TRUE to enable recursive replacement
$session = $session->replaceValues([
    // Array with key/value pairs
], $recursive);

// Set session values. Existing values will be overwritten.
$session = $session->setValues([
    // Array with key/value pairs

Flash messages

The first version of this library had built-in support for flash messages. But to comply with the design principle of separation of concerns, the code of the flash messages was move into a standalone library, called Neoflow\FlashMessages.

If you need support for flash messages, you can easily combine both libraries as composer packages. The integration and usage of Neoflow\FlashMessages is very similar to the current library.


If you would like to see this library develop further, or if you want to support me or show me your appreciation, please donate any amount through PayPal. Thank you! 🍻



Licensed under MIT.

Made in Switzerland with 🧀 and ❤️