Template for generating your PHP API documentation in a pretty VuePress format.

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Template for generating your PHP API documentation in a pretty VuePress format.

This package provides a phpDocumentor 2 template to generate the API documentation of your code to be integrated in a nice looking VuePress project.

WIP: 🚧🏗 Compatibility with phpDocumentor 3 in progress.


This template will generate six VuePress *.md files with the DocBlock documentation in your target directory:

  • Entry point of your API Documentation. Contains, at the moment, an introduction and references to blocks used in the site.
  • Contains all classes, sorted by namespace.
  • Contains all interfaces, sorted by namespace.
  • Contains all traits, sorted by namespace.
  • Contains all global constants, sorted by namespace.
  • Contains all global functions, sorted by namespace.


Check a demo of documentation generated with this template in

Explore sources of nelson6e65/phpdoc-vuepress to use configuration files as guide.

A real project API generated using this template: nelson6e65/php_nml.


This template is designed for phpDocumentor 2 and VuePress 1. Read more about dependencies in the Documentation.

Note: phpDocumentor 2 is able to generate documentation of code written on maybe any version of PHP < 8, but should be run on PHP 7.2. You can configure a CI like Travis CI, Netlify of Github Actions to generate the documentation on PHP 7.2 for your code if not using it on your local environment. Compatibility with phpDocumentor 3 is in progress 🚧 to support new features it offers.


Install nelson6e65/phpdoc-vuepress with composer:

composer require --dev nelson6e65/phpdoc-vuepress

Note for pre-releases: You may need to set the composer option minimum-stability to 'dev' or 'beta' in order to be able to install pre-releases.


Run phpDocumentor and set template as vendor/nelson6e65/phpdoc-vuepress/data/templates/vuepress:

phpdoc -d="src/" -t="docs/api/" --template="vendor/nelson6e65/phpdoc-vuepress/data/templates/vuepress"

More information about the available arguments can be found at running phpDocumentor.


See the Configuration section in the documentation for setup examples.

Further reading

Check the documentation for more information


Check out the file for details about contributing.



Copyright (c) 2018-2023 Nelson Martell

Read the LICENSE file for details.

Note: This template is based on Markdown template created by @cvuorinen: cvuorinen/phpdoc-markdown-public.