Phinx templates for Kōjō.

2.0.0 2021-03-19 08:31 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-11-25 22:08:23 UTC


A developer utility to generate Kōjō related Phinx migrations and seeds.


Via Composer as a development dependency

$ composer require --dev neighborhoods/kojo-phinx-templates

You should also have Phinx and Kōjō as direct dependencies. Don't rely on this package pulling them in, especially since this is a dev dependency.

This package requires Phinx 0.12.5 or above. If you're having issues with running the command above, send the composer.json file to the code owner.

Use cases

Possible use cases are described below.

Kōjō setup

Create migration for Kōjō setup. Every project using Kōjō should have it.

vendor/bin/phinx create InstallKojo --template=vendor/neighborhoods/kojo-phinx-templates/src/Migration/InstallKojoMigration.template.php.dist

If you open the file you'll see that the template assumes that Kōjō parameters are located in the kojo-environment folder inside the current working directly.
That's because the kojo-environment folder is usually located in the application root from where migrations are usually run using vendor/bin/phinx migrate command.
You might need to update the path to Kōjō parameters. If so, consider defining it relative to the migration file, using the __DIR__ constant.

Job Type Creation

For each new worker generate a migration defining the job type. In these examples the worker name is Observer. Use something more descriptive, like the component name.

vendor/bin/phinx create CreateObserverJobType --template=vendor/neighborhoods/kojo-phinx-templates/src/Migration/CreateJobTypeMigration.template.php.dist

Open the generated migration, update the job type attributes. The values in the migration should not depend on other classes. Copy constant values, rather than referencing them.

Thanks to @jpmarcotte for insights on this one.

Job Scheduling

If it makes sense, create a seeder scheduling the job. This is useful for jobs rescheduling themselves, providing a way to start the initial job.

vendor/bin/phinx seed:create ObserverJobSeeder --template=vendor/neighborhoods/kojo-phinx-templates/src/Seed/JobSeeder.template.php.dist

Open the generated seeder and update the JOB_TYPE_CODE constant.

Run the generated seeder whenever you want to start the job.

vendor/bin/phinx seed:run -s ObserverJobSeeder

Jobs rescheduling themselves should be seeded after their job type creation. Integrating the seeding into migrations simplifies the deployment process and ensures the job is seeded only once.
Generate a seeding migration by running the command below.

vendor/bin/phinx create SeedObserverJob --template=vendor/neighborhoods/kojo-phinx-templates/src/Migration/SeedJobMigration.template.php.dist

Open the generated migration and update the Seed class name in the required seed file path, up() and down() methods.