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Neblion/Scrum is a Symfony 2 scrum app. Working in progress, no stable release yet....

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You have to install and configure a Web server (such as Apache) with a recent version of PHP5 (5.3.8 or newer is recommended) and a MySQL server 5.0 or newer. You also have to install composer (dependency management library for PHP), you should install it globally on your system.

As Neblion/Scrum is a symfony app, you can find more informations on Symfony2 requirements at requirements reference. For information on configuring your specific web server document root, see the following documentation: Apache.

Step by step installation

  1. Install via composer and packagist

    composer create-project neblion/scrum <your-installation-path>
  2. Create you vhost and configure DocumentRoot to --> <your-path>/web and check your config: http://<your-host>/config.php

  3. Set permission on file system see Symfony2 install.

  4. Create your DB and a user DB:

    mysql -uroot -p <enter_mysql_root_pass> create database <DB_NAME>; grant all privileges on .* to ''@'localhost' identified by 'YOUR-PASSWORD' with grant option; flush privileges;

  5. Set your parameters.yml

  6. Run commands

    cd php app/console doctrine:schema:update --force php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load --fixtures=./src/Neblion/ScrumBundle/DataFixtures/Install php app/console assets:install php app/console assetic:dump

  7. All done, test it!

    Sample data are include and you can sign in with admin/test


Work in progress...

Support and contact


phpunit -c app

Continuous Integration On Travis-ci Platform...Build Status


Neblion/Scrum is a free software licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License V3.