Dependency injection library for PHP with links consistency maintaining mechanism

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IoC container for PHP with hierarchy and links consistency maintaining mechanism

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  • PHP 5.5+ (HHVM & PHP7 are supported)


The recommended way of installing this package is through Composer.

Run following command from your project folder:

composer require nayjest/di-hub


Creating hub

Class Nayjest\DI\Hub represents IoC container. This class implements ContainerInterface from container-interop/container-interop package.

Hub can be instantiated without arguments or with array containing definitions.

use Nayjest\DI\Hub;
# Empty hub
$hub = new Hub;

# Hub with definitions

$hub = new Hub([
  new Value('item1', $item1),
  new Value('item2', $item2),
  new Relation('item1', 'item2', $handler),


There are several types of definitions that can be added to hub:

  • Values
  • Relations
  • Items

Definitions should implement Nayjest\DI\Definition\DefinitionInterface. This intarface don't contains any methods, it's used only to signalize that instances of target class defines data or relations inside container.

Definitions can be added to container(hub) in following ways:

  1. Inject array of definition instances into hub constructor
  2. Add definition instance to existing hub via $hub->addDefinition(DefinitionInterface $definition)
  3. Add array of definition instances to existing hub via $hub->addDefinitions(DefinitionInterface[] $definitions)
  4. Create definitions via DefinitionBuilder: $hub->builder()->define($id $source)

Value Definitions

Instance of Nayjest\DI\Definition\Value represent single value in container that can be accessed by it's id. Nayjest\DI\Definition\Value accepts two arguments: id and source. source can contain value to store inside hub or callable that returns target value.

# Add data directly to definition
$hub->addDefinition(new Value('item1', $data));

# Add data via callable
$hub->addDefinition(new Value('item2', function(){
   return $data;

Relation Definitions


Item Definitions

Item is a combination of value & it's initial dependencies. May be useful to store class instances that require DI in constructor.


Hierarchy of hubs



This package bundled with unit tests (PHPUnit).

  1. Install nayjest/di-hub as stand-alone project
composer create-project nayjest/di-hub -s dev
  1. Run tests from package folder
cd di-hub
composer test

Also it's possible to check code style (PSR-2):

composer code-style


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Licensed under the MIT License.

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