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v1.0.18 2020-06-01 10:12 UTC


NadiaPaginatorBundle can help you build pagination UI quickly. You can design your filter and search UI with Symfony Form component, and easily validate input parameters with Form.

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Install with composer , run:

composer require nadialabs/paginator-bundle

Register Bundle to AppKernel

// app/AppKernel.php
public function registerBundles()
    return array(
        // ...
        new Nadia\Bundle\PaginatorBundle\NadiaPaginatorBundle(),
        // ...

Bundle Configuration

        input_key_class: Nadia\Bundle\PaginatorBundle\Input\InputKeys
        default_page_size: 10
        default_page_range: 8
        session_enabled: false
        default_translation_domain: null
        pages: '@NadiaPaginator/templates/bootstrap4/pages.html.twig'
        searches: '@NadiaPaginator/templates/bootstrap4/searches.html.twig'
        filters: '@NadiaPaginator/templates/bootstrap4/filters.html.twig'
        sorts: '@NadiaPaginator/templates/bootstrap4/sorts.html.twig'
        sort_link: '@NadiaPaginator/templates/bootstrap4/sort_link.html.twig'
        page_sizes: '@NadiaPaginator/templates/bootstrap4/page_sizes.html.twig'
  • default_options
    • input_key_class: The class that define the http request parameter keys.
    • default_page_size: Default page size
    • default_page_range: Default page range (control page link amounts)
    • session_enabled: Enable session support, store input data in session. You can use a clean URL without query string when enabled it. Otherwise the filter, search, sort, page size, and page parameters will be part of URL query string, or transfer by POST request body.
    • default_translation_domain: Default translation-domain value for each Form.
  • templates
    • pages: Template for rendering pages
    • searches: Template for rendering searches block
    • filters: Template for rendering filters block
    • sorts: Template for rendering sort selection block
    • sort_link: Template for rendering sort link
    • page_sizes: Template for rendering page size selection block

Create PaginatorType class

Define a Paginator configuration.

Example class: AppBundle\Paginator\Movies\PaginatorType

You can implement these methods to define a PaginatorType class:


Use SearchBuilder to setup search form elements with Symfony FormType styles.


Use FilterBuilder to setup filter form elements with Symfony FormType styles.


Use SortBuilder to setup sorting methods.


Use PageSizeBuilder to setup page size list.


Setup the paginator form options, return an array contain form options.


Setup the paginator options, you can define custom options to injecting extra data into PaginatorType. PaginatorType will use this options in these methods: buildSearch buildFilter buildSort buildPageSize getFormOptions.

Create SearchQueryCompiler class

Define a QueryCompiler to build custom search criteria.

Example class for Doctrine QueryBuilder: AppBundle\Paginator\Movies\FilterQueryCompiler

Create FilterQueryCompiler class

Define a QueryCompiler to build custom filter criteria.

Example class for Doctrine QueryBuilder: AppBundle\Paginator\Movies\FilterQueryCompiler

Create Pagination instance with PaginatorType

Example controller: MovieController
Example entities: Movie, People

To get a Pagination instance, the process as below:

  1. Use PaginatorTypeContainer to generate a PaginatorType instance.
  2. Use PaginatorFactory to generate a Paginator instance with a PaginatorType instance.
  3. Create a query instance (in this example is a Doctrine ORM QueryBuilder instance)
  4. Do paginate with Paginator, and get a Pagination instance
  5. Render a view with Pagination instance
// Example controller action

$options = [
    'movieCompanies' => [
        'Warner Bros.',
        'Sony Pictures',
        'Walt Disney',
        'Universal Pictures',
        '20th Century Fox',
        'Paramount Pictures',
        'Lionsgate Films',
        'The Weinstein Company',
        'DreamWorks Pictures',
$paginator = $this->get('nadia_paginator.paginator_factory')->create(PaginatorType::class, $options);

$qb = $this->getDoctrine()->getRepository(Movie::class)
    ->select(['movie', 'director'])
    ->leftJoin('movie.director', 'director')
/** @var Movie[]|Collection|Pagination $pagination */
$pagination = $paginator->paginate($qb);

Rendering HTML with Twig

You can easily render a list page with this template @NadiaPaginator/templates/bootstrap4/pagination.html.twig
Use twig embed tag to overwrite tableContent block and put your table contents in tableContent block.

Example twig file: index.html.twig

// Render view
$this->render('@App/Movie/index.html.twig', ['pagination' => $pagination]);
{# Example view file #}

{% use '@NadiaPaginator/templates/bootstrap4/pagination.html.twig' %}

<div class="container-fluid">
    {{ block('pagination') }}

{% block tableContent %}
    <table class="table table-bordered table-striped">
                {{ nadia_paginator_sort_link(pagination, 'title', 'movie.title', 'ASC') }}
                {{ nadia_paginator_sort_link(pagination, 'description', 'movie.description', 'ASC') }}
                {{ nadia_paginator_sort_link(pagination, 'releasedAt', 'movie.releasedAt', 'DESC') }}
        {% for movie in pagination %}
                <td>{{ movie.title }}</td>
                <td>{{ movie.description }}</td>
                <td>{{ movie.releasedAt|date('Y-m-d') }}</td>
                <td>{{ }}</td>
                <td>{{ }}</td>
        {% endfor %}
{% endblock tableContent %}

Rendering searches block in Twig

Use nadia_paginator_searches method to render search block in Twig template.

{{ nadia_paginator_searches(pagination, {attributes: {class: 'col-md-6 col-xl-4 search'}}) }}

Rendering filters block in Twig

Use nadia_paginator_filters method to render filter block in Twig template.

{{ nadia_paginator_filters(pagination, {attributes: {class: 'col-md-4 col-xl-3 mb-1 filter'}}) }}

Rendering sorts block in Twig

Use nadia_paginator_sorts method to render sorting block in Twig template.

{{ nadia_paginator_sorts(pagination) }}

Rendering page sizes block in Twig

Use nadia_paginator_page_sizes method to render page sizes block in Twig template.

{{ nadia_paginator_page_sizes(pagination) }}

Rendering sort link in Twig

{{ nadia_paginator_sort_link(pagination, 'title', 'movie.title', 'ASC') }}