cli tool to generate M2 code

1.0.0 2023-09-01 10:29 UTC


Code generator M2


go to download phar and then

sudo mv jeeves.phar /usr/local/bin/jeeves


look in .jeeves.phpunit_v1.yaml or .jeeves.phpunit_v0.yaml

Yaml Schema

  1. Root Level
Property Description Example
settings Global Settings
hash, [a-Z] Vendor Name: [Module] Mygento
  1. Module Level
Property Description
settings Module Settings
shipping Module Shipping
entities Module Entity List
  1. Entity Level
Property Description Required Default
settings Entity Settings N
columns Entity Columns Y
indexes Entity Indexes N
fk Entity Fk N
tablename String N %vendor%%module%%entity%
comment String N
api Boolean N false
cacheable Boolean N false
cache_tag String N
per_store Boolean N false
  1. Columns Level
Property Description Required Default Comment
type String Y
pk Boolean N false
identity Boolean N false Auto Increment
unsigned Boolean N false
comment String N
nullable Boolean N true
length Integer N
default String N
on_update Boolean N false
  1. Indexes Level
Property Description Required
type String Y
columns String[] Y
  1. Fk Level
Property Description Required
column String Y
referenceTable String Y
referenceColumn String Y
indexName String Y
  1. Settings level
Property Description Required Default Comment
php_version String N PHP_VERSION
admin_route String N %module%
version string N 2.4 Magento version