Get quotes from external quote database (from Stämpfli AG) using their api.

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Stämpfli AG - Remote Assessment - Quotes

TYPO3 Extension that can show a random quote from the Stämpfli AG quote database using their api.

The Extension is based on Bootstrap 5. It is recommanded, that you use TYPO3 Bootstrap Package

Extension Configuration

The following settings MUST be done in the configuration settings:

  • Stämpfli AG quote database API token.
    For using this extension, you must have an API token from the Stämpfli AG quote database.

Optional Extension Parameters

The following settings CAN be done in the configuration settings:

  • Quantity of displayed quotes. If more then 1, a Bootstrap carousel will be displayed
  • Display a "get next quote" button. If enabled, a "get next quote" button will be displayed in case of displaying 1 quote.

Composer installation

The extension can be found on Packagist.