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DHL Parcel API documentation


You can install the package via composer:

composer require mvdnbrk/dhlparcel-php-api


Initialize the DHL Parcel client and set your credentials.

$dhlparcel = new \Mvdnbrk\DhlParcel\Client();


If you have multipe accounts, you may optionally set an account id:


Create a parcel

$parcel = new \Mvdnbrk\DhlParcel\Resources\Parcel([
    'reference' => 'your own reference for the parcel (optional)',
    'recipient' => [
        'first_name' => 'John',
        'last_name' => 'Doe',
        'street' => 'Poststraat',
        'number' => '1',
        'number_suffix' => 'A',
        'postal_code' => '1234AA',
        'city' => 'Amsterdam',
        'cc' => 'NL',
    'sender' => [
        'company_name' => 'Your Company Name',
        'street' => 'Pakketstraat',
        'additional_address_line' => 'Industrie 9999',
        'number' => '99',
        'postal_code' => '9999AA',
        'city' => 'Amsterdam',
        'cc' => 'NL',
    // Optional. This will be set as the default.
    'pieces' => [
            'parcel_type' => \Mvdnbrk\DhlParcel\Resources\Piece::PARCEL_TYPE_SMALL,
            'quantity' => 1,

Create the shipment

$shipment = $dhlparcel->shipments->create($parcel);

// For shipments with multiple pieces:
$shipment->pieces->each(function ($item) {
// For a shipment with one single piece:

Retrieving a label

A label can be retrieved by using the label_id. This will return a PDF label as a string.


Or you may pass the Shipment instance directly to this method:


Passing a Shipment instance will only retrieve the label for a shipment with a single piece, or the first piece if you have created a shipment with multple pieces. If you have created a shipment with multiple pieces you should retrieve the labels one by one for each piece your shipment contains.

Setting delivery options for a parcel

You can set delivery options for a parcel by passing in the options directly when you create a parcel:

$parcel = new \Mvdnbrk\MyParcel\Resources\Parcel([
    'recipient' => [
    'options' => [
        'description' => 'Order #123',
        'signature' => true,
        'only_recipient' => true,
        'cash_on_delivery' => 9.95,
        'evening_delivery' => true,
        'extra_assurance' => true,

Or you may use a method like signature() and others after constructing the parcel:

       ->labelDescription('Order #123')

Mailbox package

If you would like to send a parcel that fits in a standard mailbox you may use the mailboxpackage() method:


Deliver a parcel to a DHL service point

You may send a parcel to a DHL service point where a customer can pick up the parcel. The ID of the service point can be set directly when creating a parcel or with the servicePoint method:

$parcel = new \Mvdnbrk\MyParcel\Resources\Parcel([
    'options' => [
        'service_point_id' => '8004-NL-272403',


Tracking a shipment

$tracktrace = $dhlparcel->tracktrace->get('JVGL...');

// Check if the shipment is delivered:

Retrieving service points

$servicepoints = $dhlparcel->servicePoints->setPostalcode('1012AA')->setHousenumber('1')->get();

This will return a collection of ServicePoint objects:

$servicepoints->each(function ($item) {

Usage with Laravel

You may incorporate this package in your Laravel application by using this package.


composer test


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