A package for Laravel PHP Framework to add a complete real-time chat system.

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Chatify Laravel Package

A Laravel package helps you add a complete real-time messaging system to your new / existing application with only one command.

Need a Help? 📣

I have created a server for Chatify on Discord to let you up-to-date and help you as much as I can .. so now you can chat with me, get a help, showcases, and most importantly to get announcements and updates about Chatify.

So, join now and keep updated.



  • Users chat system.
  • Real-time contacts list updates.
  • Favorites contacts list (Like stories style) and add to favorite button.
  • Saved Messages to save your messages online like Telegram messenger app.
  • Search functionality.
  • Contact item's last message indicator (e.g. You: ....).
  • Real-time user's active status.
  • Real-time typing indicator.
  • Real-time seen messages indicator.
  • Real-time internet connection status.
  • Upload attachments (Photo/File).
  • Shared photos, delete conversation.. (User's info right side).
  • Responsive design with all devices.
  • User settings and chat customization : user's profile photo, dark mode and chat color. with simple and wonderful UI design.


Note: since this is a demo link, your uploaded files may be deleted after a while .. you can try then to install the (Demo app) below in your machine.

Register a new user or login using the credentials below :

email    :
password : demo1234

Official Documentation

Documentation for Chatify can be found here

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Chatify is licensed under the MIT license