The aim of this package is to provide a jumpstart when using Gitlab CI for PHP projects.

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The aim of this package is to provide a jumpstart when using Gitlab CI for PHP projects.

After installing this package (see setup) you'll have the following things set up:

  • A git pre-commit hook that will take the files in the commit, and put them through a syntax checker, followed by a formatting checker. It will also attempt to autocorrect the formatting issues where possible. Files that fail either the syntax opr the formatting check won't be able to be committed.

  • A base Gitlab CI config file that will check for syntax & formatting, run your unit tests and run a security check on your dependencies.


These setup steps assume you have enabled Gitlab CI for your project and have a docker enabled runner set up.

There's only 2 steps required to start using Gitlab CI in your current project

  • require this package => composer require ...
  • run the setup script => ./vendor/bin/ci-setup

The setup script will do 2 things

1) place config files in your root folder, that will be used by the various tools. If these files already exist, they will not be overwritten. 2) Place the git pre-commit hook in the .git directory.

Config files used:

.gitlab-ci.ymlcontains the basic config defining what needs to be run
phpcs.xmlcontains the config for phpcs
phpunit.xml.distcontains the config for phpunit


Codesniffer by default will run on the PSR1/2 standards, with one exception, the line length rule. This rule has been modified to throw a warning on exceeding 160 characters and throw an error on exceeding 200 characters. I changed that rule because I found the base PSR rule on line length to be quite restrictive.

Gitlab CI also won't fail on warnings for Codesniffer, only on errors.