Implement notifications system in your symfony project using Pusher API

v1.2.2 2018-05-11 09:36 UTC


A simple implementation for Pusher API that helps you integrate a notifications system in a few simple steps.


  1. composer require mrad/notifications-bundle
  2. Enable the bundle in AppKernel.php new SBC\NotificationsBundle\NotificationsBundle(),


Step 1:

First thing you need to create an account with Pusher and then in Your apps menu create a new app.

Step 2:

Add you app configuration to the app/config.yml:

# NotificationsBundle configuration
    app_id:     your_id
    app_key:    your_key
    app_secret: secret
    cluster:    cluster
    # Optional
    # Default false: work without ssl encryption
    # Set it to true to work with ssl encryption
    encrypted:  false

Of course you can find those details in your app in the dashboard.
alt text

Step 3:

Now in your view.html.twig (your client side) add this:

{# Call NotificationsBundles's assets #}
{{ notifications_assets() }}
     * This function will be triggered each time a data comes from the server
     * Make sure you call it otherwise you won't get any data
     * @param data contains your data sent from the server
    function onNotificationsPushed(data){
        console.log('data', data);

And that's it 😃, now to make sure that your client is receiving the data correctly you can test it by calling this console command:
php bin/console notifications:trigger "Your message"
If you open the browser's console you should see something like this:
alt text

Broadcast custom messages from Backend

To broadcast messages from your backend you can simply do this:

// From your controller or service
$data = array(
    'my-message' => "My custom message",
$pusher = $this->get('mrad.pusher.notificaitons');

Next Step

Now I will show how to create and save notifications in database.


This project is under the MIT license


You can check this playlist for more details about how This bundle works.


Thanks to SlimenTN for his help in this project