This package only contains basic interfaces for implementing data sources.

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Datasources for Mouf

You can find in this package two very useful interfaces:

  • DataSourceInterface: a DataSource that represents an array of arrays
  • RowInterface: a Row that is the representation of a key indexed array.

Known implementations

  • MagicQuery (TODO)

This packages contains 2 very basic implementations of these interfaces:

  • The Row class maps a key indexed array into a RowInterface
  • The DataSource class maps an array of array into a DataSourceInterface


This package comes with a set of utility classes to transform rows and datasources:

  • RowMapper creates an "output" row from an "input" row and a set of Pickers (implementing the PickerInterface)
  • ArrayMapper creates an "output" datasource from an "input" datasource and a set of Pickers (implementing the PickerInterface)

This package comes with 2 pickers (implementing the PickerInterface):

  • RowPicker: selects one value in a row
  • CallbackPicker: applies a callback function to a row and returns the value of the callback

Finally, the RowBuilder class can be used to merge rows, add a row as a key of a row or to add datasources as keys of a row.