This package allow you to auto generate functional CMS components.

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What is it?

Mouf CMS Scaffolder is a PHP library designed to easily create CMS components.

How to use ?

To use the CMS Scaffolder, you just need to define your component name, and set it into the CMS => Scaffolder tab in Mouf's interface. Here are the steps :

  1. You set your component's name, for example : Blog. WARNING : For now, the component name has to be in the SINGULAR to avoid the generated controller to use inexistant DAOs & Beans.
  2. You click on "Generate component"
    • The library will automatically :
      • Generate an SQL file
      • Generate a database patch using this SQL file
      • Apply the database patch
      • Generate the DAOs and Beans (using TDBM) ; BlogDao, BlogBean etc.
      • Generate views
      • Generate a controller -- BlogController -- with methods allowing to :
        • Display a front-office list
        • Display a back-office list
        • Display an item
        • Edit / Save / Delete an item
  3. Purge cache -- to map the new URLs
  4. Let's use it !

The CMS Scaffolder does not provide (for now) a pretty display, it will let you totally free to modify the views and integer it easily in your custom template.

Design choices

In the base version, the CMS component contains :

  • Title
  • Slug (auto generated from title)
  • Short text
  • Content
  • Image
  • Creation date
  • Update date

We think these are the minimum of useful datas for a CMS component. You don't have many useless components, and you're totally free to override the component with your custom needed datas.