Use your Laravel 4 packages in Laravel 5

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This Laravel package provides a bridging trait and multiple bridges that allows Laravel 4 packages to be used in Laravel 5.

Current packages that are bridged are:

If you want to build a bridge, please follow the contributing guide.


Begin by installing this package through Composer.

composer require morrislaptop/laravel-five-package-bridges

Once this operation completes, add the config service provider, this brings the package() method back to the config repository. Open app/config/app.php and add..


Then we need to swap the core Application class with the bridging, this adds various methods like after() back. Open bootstrap/app.php and replace..

$app = new Illuminate\Foundation\Application(


$app = new Morrislaptop\LaravelFivePackageBridges\Application(

The final step is to add the bridged service providers instead of the raw service providers.

Open app/config/app.php, and add lines as appropriate.



Voila! Those packages now work as they always did in Laravel 4.

Custom Packages

If you have a private package you can simply create your own bridging service provider and bring in the trait from this package.

<?php namespace App\Bridges;

use Morrislaptop\LaravelFivePackageBridges\LaravelFivePackageBridgeTrait;

use Acme\Private\NuclearServiceProvider as BaseNuclearServiceProvider;

class NuclearServiceProvider extends BaseNuclearServiceProvider 

	use LaravelFivePackageBridgeTrait;



Please see the contributing guide.