Firestore SDK for PHP without gRPC

v2.2.2 2021-01-22 11:00 UTC


Current version Build Status


  • Get
  • Set
  • Delete
  • Add
  • Transactions (beginTransaction, commit, rollback)
  • Reference value support
  • Batch Get
  • List Documents
  • Query
  • Order
  • Limit
  • Indexes (create, delete, list, get)


The recommended way to install is with Composer.

composer require morrislaptop/firestore-php


The library aims to replicate the API signature of Google's PHP API.

Sample usage:

use Morrislaptop\Firestore\Factory;
use Kreait\Firebase\ServiceAccount;

// This assumes that you have placed the Firebase credentials in the same directory
// as this PHP file.
$serviceAccount = ServiceAccount::fromJsonFile(__DIR__ . '/google-service-account.json');

$firestore = (new Factory)

$collection = $firestore->collection('users');
$user = $collection->document('123456');

// Save a document
$user->set(['name' => 'morrislaptop', 'role' => 'developer']);

// Get a document
$snap = $user->snapshot();
echo $snap['name']; // morrislaptop