A PHP library for obtaining Trustpilot API access tokens

v0.1.1 2016-01-27 14:58 UTC

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A PHP library for obtaining Trustpilot Business User API access tokens.

This library has been developed and open sourced by moneymaxim.

We are currently on the look out for PHP programming talent, so please get in touch if you are interested.


Install using composer:

composer install moneymaxim/trustpilot-authenticator


$authenticator = new Trustpilot\Api\Authenticator\Authenticator();

$accessToken = $authenticator->getAccessToken($apiKey, $apiToken, $username, $password);

// $accessToken->getToken(): string
// $accessToken->hasExpired(): bool
// $accessToken->getExpiry(): \DateTimeImmutable
// $accessToken->serialize(): string