Flow package that optimizes generated thumbnail images (jpg, png, gif, svg) for web presentation.

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4.0.0 2019-08-20 14:07 UTC

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Neos CMS / Flow framework package that optimizes generated thumbnail images (jpg, png, gif, svg and more) for web presentation.

Original files are never affected since copies are always created for thumbnails.

Non-blocking during rendering (asynchronous) optimization.

Using jpegtran, optipng, gifsicle and svgo or alternative customizible ones for the optimizations.

Should work with Linux, FreeBSD, OSX, SunOS & Windows (only tested Linux & FreeBSD so far).

Compatible with Neos 1.x - 5.x / Flow 1.x - 6.x

Only supports local file system (no CDN support yet) (see #10)


Requires npm (node.js) to work out of the box, although binaries can also be installed manually without it.

composer require "moc/imageoptimizer" "~4.0"

Ensure the image manipulation libraries jpegtran (JPG), optipng (PNG), gifsicle (GIF) and svgo (SVG) are installed globally. Libraries can be skipped if desired, just make sure to disable those mimetypes.

Alternatively install them using npm:

# Globally
npm install -g jpegtran-bin optipng-bin gifsicle svgo

# Locally
npm install --prefix Packages/Application/MOC.ImageOptimizer/Resources/Private/Library


Using the Settings configuration, multiple options can be adjusted.

Optimization can be disabled for specific file formats.

Additionally options such as optimization level (png & gif), progressive (jpg), pretty (svg) can be adjusted depending on optimization library.

Usage of global available binaries can be configured instead or for specific formats.

Enable using the setting MOC.ImageOptimizer.useGlobalBinary and configure the path in MOC.ImageOptimizer.globalBinaryPath.

Use alternative libraries for optimization

You can replace the preconfigured libraries with alternative ones.


Add the following to your Settings to use jpegoptim instead of jpegtran:

        enabled: true
        library: 'jpegoptim'
        binaryPath: 'jpegoptim-bin/vendor/jpegoptim'
        arguments: "${'--strip-all --max=' + quality + ' ' + (progressive ? '--all-progressive ' : '') + '-o ' + file}"
          progressive: true # whether or not to serve progressive jpgs
          quality: 80 # quality level (1-100)

When doing this you have to take care that you provide the necessary library yourself as it's not included when doing the installation like described above.


  • Clear thumbnails to generate new ones that will automatically be optimized.

./flow media:clearthumbnails

  • See system log for debugging and error output.