Simple, single-file and dependency-free AWS S3 client




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Simple, single-file and dependency-free AWS S3 client.


In some scenarios we want the simplest and lightest S3 client possible. For example in Bref's runtime core we don't want to embed the full AWS SDK.

If you need more, you can use the official AWS SDK for PHP, or this great alternative: Async AWS.


This package can be installed via Composer:

composer require mnapoli/simple-s3

However, this package offers a guarantee that all logic will be self-contained into the src/SimpleS3.php file. If you want to take advantage of that, you can either:

  • download the SimpleS3.php file and copy it into your application,
  • or install the package via Composer and copy vendor/mnapoli/simple-s3/src/SimpleS3.php in your application (best because Composer will let you constrain the major version).


use Mnapoli\SimpleS3;

$region = 'us-east-1'; // or whatever region you prefer

// Instantiate from AWS credentials in environment variables, for example on AWS Lambda
$s3 = SimpleS3::fromEnvironmentVariables($region);

$s3->put('my-bucket', '/object.json', json_encode(['hello' => 'world']));

[$status, $objectBody] = $s3->get('my-bucket', '/object.json');
echo $objectBody;

$s3->delete('my-bucket', '/object.json');

You can also instantiate the class by providing AWS credentials explicitly:

$s3 = new SimpleS3($accessKeyId, $secretKey, $sessionToken, $region);

Any error (400, 403, 404, 500…) will be thrown as an exception. Sometimes a 404 is expected and we don't want a generic exception: look at the getIfExists() example below.

Note: only a subset of the AWS S3 API is supported by this package (CRUD files in a bucket basically).


$s3->get() will throw an exception if the key doesn't exist. You can use getIfExists() to get an empty $body instead:

[$status, $body] = $s3->getIfExists('my-bucket', $key);
if ($status === 404) {
    echo 'Not found';
} else {
    echo $body;

Get an object only if it was changed:

[$status, $body, $responseHeaders] = $s3->get('my-bucket', $key, [
    'If-None-Match' => $previousEtag,
if ($status === 304) {
    echo 'Object up to date!';
} else {
    $newObjectBody = $body;
    $newEtag = $responseHeaders['ETag'];