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BlackBox is a storage library that abstracts backends and data transformation behind simple interfaces.

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Store data. "Where" and "how" can be decided later.

Experimental: this project is still at the state of experimentation. Use with caution.


The API is defined by interfaces and is extremely simple.

namespace BlackBox;

interface Storage extends Traversable
    public function get(string $id);
    public function set(string $id, $data) : void;
    public function remove(string $id) : void;

$storage->set('foo', 'Hello World!');

echo $storage->get('foo'); // Hello World!

foreach ($storage as $key => $item) {
    echo $key; // foo
    echo $item; // Hello World!

You can read all about those interfaces in the Interfaces documentation.


BlackBox can store data in:

  • files
  • database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, …) using Doctrine DBAL
  • PHP arrays (i.e. in memory)

Data can optionally be:

  • stored in JSON
  • stored in YAML
  • encrypted with AES

Additionally a storage can be cached with another (e.g. cache a DB storage with a Redis or array storage).


Backends are classes that implement Storage:

  • FileStorage
  • DirectoryStorage
  • DatabaseTable
  • ArrayStorage

You can read all about backends in the Backends documentation.


Transformers transform data before storage and after retrieval:

  • JsonEncoder
  • YamlEncoder
  • ObjectArrayMapper
  • AesEncrypter

You can read all about transformers in the Transformers documentation.

// Encode the data in JSON
$storage = new JsonEncoder(
    // Store data in files
    new DirectoryStorage('some/directory')

$storage->set('foo', [
    'name' => 'Lebowski',
// will encode it in JSON
// then will store it into a file

$data = $storage->get('foo');
// will read from the file
// then will decode the JSON

echo $data['name']; // Lebowski


BlackBox is released under the MIT license.