Log SQL queries in Laravel/Lumen framework

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Laravel SQL Logger

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This module allows you to log SQL queries (and slow SQL queries) to log file in Laravel/Lumen framework. It's useful mainly when developing your application to verify whether your queries are valid and to make sure your application doesn't run too many or too slow database queries.


Using this package is free of charge, however to keep it up-to-date and add new features small money support is appreciated. Suggested amount is 5$ per project where you use this package but any amount will help further development of this package. Support via Paypal (you are free to change amount on Paypal page)


  1. Run

    composer require mnabialek/laravel-sql-logger --dev

    in console to install this module (Notice --dev flag - it's recommended to use this package only for development).

  2. If you use Laravel < 5.5 open config/app.php and in providers section add:


    Laravel 5.5 uses Package Auto-Discovery and it will automatically load this service provider so you don't need to add anything into above file.

    If you are using Lumen open bootstrap/app.php and add:

  3. If you use Laravel < 5.5 run:

    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Mnabialek\LaravelSqlLogger\Providers\ServiceProvider"

    in your console to publish default configuration files.

    If you are using Laravel 5.5 run:

    php artisan vendor:publish

    and choose the number matching "Mnabialek\LaravelSqlLogger\Providers\ServiceProvider" provider.

    By default you should not edit published file because all the settings are loaded from .env file by default.

    For Lumen you should skip this step.

  4. In your .env file add the following entries:

    SQL_LOGGER_FORMAT_ENTRY_FORMAT="/* [origin]\\n   Query [query_nr] - [datetime] [[query_time]] */\\n[query]\\n[separator]\\n"

    and adjust values to your needs. You can skip variables for which you want to use default values.

    If you have also .env.sample it's also recommended to add those entries also in .env.sample file just to make sure everyone know about those env variables. Be aware that SQL_LOGGER_DIRECTORY is directory inside storage directory. If you want you can change it editing config/sql_logger.php file.

    To find out more about those setting please take a look at Configuration file

  5. Make sure directory specified in .env file exists in storage path and you have valid file permissions to create and modify files in this directory (If it does not exist this package will automatically create it when needed but it's recommended to create it manually with valid file permissions)

  6. Make sure on live server you will set logging SQL queries to false in your .env file. This package is recommended to be used only for development to not impact production application performance.

Upgrading from 1.*

When upgrading from 1.* version you should remove current sql_logger.php config file and replace this with new one (see installation step). You should also use new variables in .env file (old won't be used).


Author of this awesome package is Marcin Nabiałek and Contributors


All changes are listed in Changelog


This package is licenced under the MIT license however Support is more than welcome.