Get Laravel/Lumen version

v1.0.8 2024-03-26 06:47 UTC

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This package let you verify whether current application is Laravel or Lumen, get application version and verify whether application is minimum at given version string.


  1. Run

    composer require mnabialek/laravel-version

    in console to install this module

  2. That's it! Installation is complete. You don't need to adjust any config or install service providers.


Just run:

$version = app()->make(\Mnabialek\LaravelVersion\Version);

(you can obviously use dependency injection) and then use one of available methods for example like this

$result = $version->isLaravel();


if ($version->isLaravel()) {
   // do something

Available methods

  • isLaravel() - verify whether application is Laravel (true for Laravel, false for Lumen)
  • isLumen() - verify whether application is Lumen (true for Lumen, false for Laravel)
  • full() - get full version string (keep in mind for Lumen it can be for example: 'Lumen (5.5.2) (Laravel Components 5.5.*)')
  • get() - get version (for Both Laravel and Lumen it will contain only version number for example 5.5.2)
  • min($checkedVersion) - verify whether application is minimum at given version. As $checkedVersion you should pass version you want to verify for example 5.5 or 5.5.21


This package is licenced under the MIT license