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Compare data between concrete5 versions and manages @since PHPDoc tags

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When developing for multiple concrete5 versions, developers need to know when a class/interface/method/constant/... has been introduces.

The @since phpdoc tag is the standard way to document this.

The process implement requires these steps:

  1. analyze all the concrete5 versions (starting from 5.7.0), extracting the defined classes/interfaces/methods/constants/... This can be done with the ./bin/concrete5-since-tagger update CLI command (to analyze all the concrete5 versions) and/or with the ./bin/concrete5-since-tagger parse <version> CLI command (to analyze/reanalyze a specific concrete5 version)
  2. patching the corrent development version of concrete5, comparing it with the previously parsed versions. This can be done with the ./bin/concrete5-since-tagger patch <path> CLI command


  1. A MySQL instance
  2. PHP 7.2+ and PHP 5.x (PHP 5.x is required for the analysis process)
  3. The unzip CLI command


  1. copy .env.dist to .env and personalize it
  2. run composer install
  3. run ./bin/concrete5-since-tagger orm:schema-tool:create to intialize the database

Typical usage

# Parse all the concrete5 versions
./bin/concrete5-since-tagger update

# Patch the development version
./bin/concrete5-since-tagger patch /path/to/concrete5

Ready-to-use data

The update command is a really time-consuming process: it needs to download and parse all the concrete5 releases. If you don't want to do that, you can pre-populate the database with this SQL dump.