Streamline development of API-first applications in CakePHP

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A CakePHP Plugin for RESTful API Development

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Streamline development of modern RESTful APIs for your teams CakePHP project. Designed around a component-based architecture, MixerAPI enables developers to pick and choose the functionality they need for developing REST APIs.

Documentation | Demo Application | Demo Source Code


  • Rapid Prototyping: Scaffold your API in seconds with a custom Bake template geared towards modern REST architecture.
  • OpenAPI: Automatically generates OpenAPI from your existing code into Swagger and Redoc. Attributes provided, but not required.
  • Error Handling: Handles exception rendering in XML or JSON.
  • Data Formats: Formats responses in JSON, XML, HAL+JSON, or JSON-LD.
  • Integrations: Integrates well with other CakePHP 4 compatible plugins.
  • Minimalist Configuration: Built for developing, not writing YAML configurations. Most components require zero configuration files.
  • Non-opinionated: Develop your way.

This is a read-only repository. Please submit issues and PRs to mixerapi/mixerapi-dev

For install steps head over to https://mixerapi.com/install

MixerAPI Core Plugins

MixerAPI automatically installs the following plugins for your RESTful API project:

Plugin Description
MixerApi/Bake A custom bake template focused on creating RESTful CakePHP controllers in seconds
MixerApi/CollectionView A Collection View for displaying configurable pagination meta-data in JSON or XML collection responses
MixerApi/ExceptionRender Handles rendering entity validation errors and other exceptions for your API
MixerApi/HalView A Hypertext Application Language (HAL+JSON) View for CakePHP
MixerApi/JsonLdView A JSON-LD View for CakePHP
SwaggerBake A delightfully tasty tool for generating Swagger documentation with OpenApi 3.0.0 schema

Recommended Plugins

Plugin Description
MixerApi/Crud A service provider for CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) operations. Since this plugin uses the experimental CakePHP dependency injection it must be enabled separately.
MixerApi/JwtAuth A JWT authentication library for CakePHP supporting both HMAC (HS256 or HS512) and RSA (RS256 or RS512) with JSON Web Keys.
Search Search provides a simple interface to create paginate-able filters for your CakePHP application.