Provides a controller replicating the Raven service, allow applications to functionally test the logging in process

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Provides a controller replicating the Raven service, allow applications to functionally test the logging in process.




  1. Add the bundle to your dev dependencies:

    // composer.json
       // ...
       "require-dev": {
           // ...
           "misd/mock-raven-service-bundle": "~1.0@dev"
  2. Use Composer to download and install the bundle:

    $ php composer.phar update misd/mock-raven-service-bundle
  3. Register the bundle in your application's test environment:

    // app/AppKernel.php
    class AppKernel extends Kernel
        // ...
        public function registerBundles()
            // ...
            if ('test' === $this->getEnvironment()) {
                $bundles[] = new Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\MisdMockRavenServiceBundle();
            // ...
        // ...
  4. Add the bundle's routes to your test routing config:

    // app/routing_test.yml
        resource: "@MisdMockRavenServiceBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"
  5. Make sure that the mock Raven service path is unsecured:

    // app/security.yml
        pattern: ^/auth/authenticate.html
        security: false

If you are using the misd/raven-bundle make sure that your test environment is using the Raven test service:

// app/config_test.yml

    use_test_service: true


The bundle, by default, will see a user logged in to Raven with the CRSid 'test0001'.

For example, in a test case extending Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Test\WebTestCase running:

$client = static::createClient();
$client->request('GET', '/secured-page');

will see a successful Raven login response returned. If you are using the misd/raven-bundle the Raven response will have been processed for you.

Customising the Raven service response

Set the next_wls_response session attribute with an instance of Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\WlsResponseInterface before making a request allows you to control what response the mock Raven service returns. For example:

use Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\AuthenticationCancelledWlsResponse;

$client = static::createClient();
$client->getContainer()->get('session')->set('next_wls_response', new AuthenticationCancelledWlsResponse());
$client->request('GET', '/secured_path');

Available implementations are:

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\AuthenticationCancelled : A '410 The user cancelled the authentication request' response.

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\AuthenticationDeclined : A '570 Authentication declined' response.

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\GeneralRequestParameterError : A '530 General request parameter error' response.

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\InteractionWouldBeRequired : A '540 Interaction would be required' response.

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\NoMutuallyAcceptableAuthenticationTypesAvailable : A '510 No mutually acceptable authentication types available' response.

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\SuccessfulAuthentication : A '200 Successful authentication' response.

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\UnsupportedProtocolVersion : A '520 Unsupported protocol version' response.

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\WaaNotAuthorised : A '560 WAA not authorised' response.

There are also implementations that indicate broken responses:

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\Invalid\Expired : A response with an expired issue date

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\Invalid\Incomplete : An incomplete response.

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\Invalid\Invalid : An invalid response.

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\Invalid\UndefinedStatusCode : A response with an invalid status code.

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\Invalid\WrongAuth : A response with an invalid 'auth' parameter.

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\Invalid\WrongKid : A response with an invalid 'kid' parameter.

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\Invalid\WrongSso : A response with an invalid 'sso' parameter.

Misd\MockRavenServiceBundle\WlsResponse\Invalid\WrongUrl : A response with a different URL.