Re-number posts on the forum

0.1.1 2021-04-16 19:15 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-17 02:55:49 UTC


This extension re-numbers posts in discussions on demand.

Why you might need this extension:

  • You manually imported data into your forum and need to create the number values
  • You want to clean existing data with a lot of missing numbers between posts and don't care about the permalinks

I strongly recommend you test the command on a backup first before running it on your live data!

Installation and update

composer require migratetoflarum/renumber-posts


The extension is implemented as a command line utility. Enable the extension in Flarum admin panel, then open a terminal and cd into the Flarum folder.

Running the command without any parameter will perform a dry run (does not update anything):

php flarum migratetoflarum:renumber

You can enable or disable various calculations with command options.

For example, to only add numbers to posts without number:

php flarum migratetoflarum:renumber --partial --missing

To number every post of every discussion chronologically:

php flarum migratetoflarum:renumber --all

To re-number only discussions where duplicate post numbers were found

php flarum migratetoflarum:renumber --fix-duplicates

To get a list of all available options, run:

php flarum help migratetoflarum:renumber


When you are done with the update, you can safely remove the extension. It does not need to stay installed.

composer remove migratetoflarum/renumber-posts


The initial version of this extension was sponsored by @Wadera