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Middleware to set the uri path to lowercase. For example, /Foo/Bar/ is converted to /foo/bar. Useful if you define your routes as lowercase and want to make your routes case insensitive.



This package is installable and autoloadable via Composer as middlewares/lowercase.

composer require middlewares/lowercase


$dispatcher = new Dispatcher([
    (new Middlewares\Lowercase())

$response = $dispatcher->dispatch(new ServerRequest());



If the path must be converted to lowercase, this option returns a 301 response redirecting to the new lowercase path. Optionally, you can provide a Psr\Http\Message\ResponseFactoryInterface that will be used to create the redirect response. If it's not defined, Middleware\Utils\Factory will be used to detect it automatically.

$responseFactory = new MyOwnResponseFactory();

//Simply set the path to lowercase
$lowercase = new Middlewares\Lowercase();

//Returns a redirect response to the new path
$lowercase = (new Middlewares\Lowercase())->redirect();

//Returns a redirect response to the new path using a specific response factory
$lowercase = (new Middlewares\Lowercase())->redirect($responseFactory);


If the path must be converted to lowercase, this method will store the original path in an atrribute.

// Save the original non-lowercase uri in the custom attribute "pre-lowercase-path"
$lowercase = (new Middlewares\Lowercase())->attribute('before-lowercase-uri');

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