Middleware to handle http errors

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Middleware to catch and format errors encountered while handling the request.



This package is installable and autoloadable via Composer as middlewares/error-handler.

composer require middlewares/error-handler


use Middlewares\ErrorFormatter;
use Middlewares\ErrorHandler;
use Middlewares\Utils\Dispatcher;

// Create a new ErrorHandler instance
// Any number of formatters can be added. One will be picked based on the Accept
// header of the request. If no formatter matches, the PlainFormatter will be used.
$errorHandler = new ErrorHandler([
    new ErrorFormatter\HtmlFormatter(),
    new ErrorFormatter\ImageFormatter(),
    new ErrorFormatter\JsonFormatter(),
    new ErrorFormatter\PlainFormatter(),
    new ErrorFormatter\SvgFormatter(),
    new ErrorFormatter\XmlFormatter(),

// ErrorHandler should always be the first middleware in the stack!
$dispatcher = new Dispatcher([
    // ...
    function ($request) {
        throw HttpErrorException::create(404);

$request = $serverRequestFactory->createServerRequest('GET', '/');
$response = $dispatcher->dispatch($request);


Add the formatters to be used (instances of Middlewares\ErrorFormatter\FormatterInterface). If no formatters are provided, use all available.

$errorHandler = new ErrorHandler([
    new ErrorFormatter\HtmlFormatter(),
    new ErrorFormatter\JsonFormatter()

Note: If no formatter is found, the first value of the array will be used. In the example above, HtmlFormatter.

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The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.