Middleware with various cache utilities

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Middleware components with the following cache utilities:



This package is installable and autoloadable via Composer as middlewares/cache.

composer require middlewares/cache


To add the response headers for cache prevention. Useful in development environments:

    new Middlewares\CachePrevention()


This middleware adds the Expires and Cache-Control: max-age headers to the response. You can configure the cache duration for each mimetype. If it's not defined, use the defaults.

// Use the default configuration
$expires = new Middlewares\Expires();

// Custom durations
$expires = new Middlewares\Expires([
    'text/css' => '+1 year',
    'text/js' => '+1 week',


Set the default expires value if the request mimetype is not configured. By default is 1 month. Example:

//set 1 year lifetime to css and js
$durations = [
    'text/css' => '+1 year',
    'text/javascript' => '+1 year',

//and 1 hour to everything else
$default = '+1 hour';

$expires = (new Middlewares\Expires($durations))->defaultExpires($default);


Saves the response headers in a PSR-6 cache pool and returns 304 responses (Not modified) if the response is still valid. This saves server resources and bandwidth because the body is returned empty. It's recomended to combine it with Expires to set the lifetime of the responses.

$cachePool = new Psr6CachePool();

    new Middlewares\Cache($cachePool),
    new Middlewares\Expires()

Optionally, you can provide a Psr\Http\Message\ResponseFactoryInterface as the second argument to create the 304 empty responses. If it's not defined, Middleware\Utils\Factory will be used to detect it automatically.

$cachePool = new Psr6CachePool();
$responseFactory = new MyOwnResponseFactory();

$cache = new Middlewares\Cache($cachePool, $responseFactory);


Send the header Clear-Site-Data to remove all site data in the client (cache, cookies, storage etc)

    new Middlewares\ClearSiteData()

Optionally, you can provide the list of data types that you want to clear.

$cache = new Middlewares\ClearSiteData('cache', 'cookies');

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