Middleware to remove the prefix from the uri path of the request.

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Middleware to remove the prefix from the uri path of the request. This is useful to combine with routers if the root of the website is in a subdirectory. For example, if the root of your website is /web/public, a request with the uri /web/public/post/34 will be converted to /post/34.



This package is installable and autoloadable via Composer as middlewares/base-path.

composer require middlewares/base-path


Set the prefix to remove:

	new Middlewares\BasePath('/base/path')


Used to add the prefix to the Location header (for redirects). For example:

$response = Dispatcher::run([
    (new Middlewares\BasePath('/base/path'))->fixLocation(),

    function () {
        return Factory::createResponse(301)->withHeader('Location', '/post/1');

echo $response->getHeader('Location'); // Returns /base/path/post/1


This method will store the original path in an attribute.

// Save the original uri with basepath in the custom attribute "before-basepath-uri"
$basepath = (new Middlewares\BasePath())->attribute('pre-basepath-path');

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