Contact-Form using a honeypot for spam-protection and zendesk API for creating ticket

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This Modules provides an API wrapper for Mandrill API (

It is based and depends on original Mandrill library (


The suggested installation method is via composer:

php composer.phar require mfcc/zendesk-mandrill:dev-master


  1. Enable MfccMandrill module in your application.config.php file.
  2. Configure module. Copy ./vendor/mfcc/mandrill/config/module.mfcc-mandrill.local.php.dist to ./config/autoload/module.mfcc-mandrill.local.php and change the values as desired.
  3. Get Mandrill Service and call method (e.g. send mail):
$mandrill = $this->getServiceLocator()->get('mfccMandrillService');

$mandrill->call('messages/send', array(
      	'message' => array(
				'text' => 'test',
    			'subject' => 'example subject',
    			'from_email' => '',
    			'from_name' =>  'From Name',
    			'to' => array(
    					array('email' => '')

You can find documentation to methods exposed by this module either here:

Or in YOUR_APP/vendor/mandrill/mandrill/docs/index.html once you have installed MfccMandrill module.