A powerful music API framework to accelerate development.

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🍰 Wow, such a powerful music API framework


A powerful music API framework to accelerate your development

  • Elegant - Easy to use, a standardized format for all music platforms.
  • Lightweight - A single-file library that's less than 46KB.
  • Powerful - Support various music platforms, including Tencent, NetEase, Xiami, KuGou, Baidu and more.
  • Free - Under MIT license, need I say more?


PHP 5.4+ and BCMath, Curl, OpenSSL extension installed.


Require this package, with Composer, in the root directory of your project.

$ composer require metowolf/meting

Then you can import the class into your application:

use Metowolf\Meting;

$api = new Meting('netease');

$data = $api->format(true)->search('Soldier');

Note: Meting requires BCMath, cURL and OpenSSL extension in order to work.

Quick Start

require 'vendor/autoload.php';
// require 'Meting.php';

use Metowolf\Meting;

// Initialize to netease API
$api = new Meting('netease');

// Use custom cookie (option)
// $api->cookie('paste your cookie');

// Get data
$data = $api->format(true)->search('Soldier', [
    'page' => 1,
    'limit' => 50

echo $data;
// [{"id":35847388,"name":"Hello","artist":["Adele"],"album":"Hello","pic_id":"1407374890649284","url_id":35847388,"lyric_id":35847388,"source":"netease"},{"id":33211676,"name":"Hello","artist":["OMFG"],"album":"Hello",...

// Parse link
$data = $api->format(true)->url(35847388);

echo $data;
// {"url":"http:\/\/...","size":4729252,"br":128}

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