A Semantic Mediawiki extension to support user registration semantically.

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Semantic Signup (a.k.a. SES) is a Semantic Mediawiki extension that uses Semantic Forms to improve the user registration process.



The recommended way to install Semantic Signup is by using Composer with an entry in MediaWiki's composer.json.

	"require": {
		"mediawiki/semantic-signup": "~1.0"
  1. From your MediaWiki installation directory, execute composer require mediawiki/semantic-signup:~1.0
  2. Navigate to Special:Version on your wiki and verify that the package have been successfully installed.


This extension tweaks user registration process in order to make users populate their user pages with semantic data at registration time. Whenever the user registration form is requested the user is redirected to the Semantic Signup special page where he has to enter the usual account data and some additional information into a semantic form. When the form is submitted, the usual account information is used to register the new user account and a new "User:Username" page is created and populated with the additional data provided via the form.

For details on how to adjust the settings and prepare the required form and template, please have a look at the configuration guideline.

Contribution and support

If you want to contribute work to the project please subscribe to the developers mailing list and have a look at the contribution guideline.


This extension provides unit and integration tests that are run by a continues integration platform but can also be executed using composer phpunit from the extension base directory.


GNU General Public License, version 3 or later.