Symfony Bundle for working with Microsoft SQL Server on *nix (dblib) and Windows (sqlsrv) with UTF-8 and transactions support

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This bundle provides a driver which makes Symfony and Doctrine (DBAL and ORM) support dblib driver on *nix systems while also being compatible with sqlsrv on Windows.

  • Uses pdo_sqlsrv on Windows and pdo_dblib on unix
  • Supports UTF-8
  • Supports transactions
  • Supports Doctrine ORM
  • Supports Sonata Admin
  • Supports Symfony Sessions

There are a few bundles and packages out there which can handle dblib but unfortunately we could not make it work with UTF-8 so we spent a while on cracking this issue. Since others had already done a lot of work on this we felt we had to return the favour to the community and release this bundle.

A Big Thanks

  • for their awesome MssqlBundle which was the base for this bundle
  • Leaseweb for their PdoDblib package which was very useful too
  • Michal for his hard work in the past on projects where dblib had to be used, your input for this bundle was very valuable
  • Arjen for his dedicated work on the function that prepares the query for supporting UTF-8 ♥
  • Tonny & Elmar from the .NET team for their help on working with Microsoft SQL Server


  • Do not use pdo_dblib unless you have very good reasons, use a different driver if you get the chance
  • You probably need to be change the FreeTDS conf, make sure you can
  • Support for ORM requires modifications to some Doctrine files in the vendor folder, a script for Composer which does this automatically is provided in this bundle
  • When doing manual queries you should always use executeQuery() and executeUpdate() on Doctrine DBAL
  • Named parameters are not supported, UTF-8 characters will be saved as ?
  • This bundle was only tested on SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 and nvarchar fields
  • Joined inheritance mapping in ORM is not supported yet since we did not need it, this might be supported in the future
  • Symfony session handler does not use locking now, this might be supported in the future
  • There are no tests since original tests on Doctrine are also likely to fail, take this bundle as-is but please create a PR if you have found an issue and fixed it
  • MediaMonks is not responsible for any data loss, use dblib and this driver at your own risk


Please refer to the files in the /Resources/doc folder.